Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joyeux Dimanche - Boo!

I signed up to make cupcakes for the upcoming Halloween fund raiser at school. I was inspired by angry witch cupcakes made by the awesome Martha Stewart.

Last night, Neighbor Wife and I did a cupcake test run. They were really easy. A little green food coloring in white frosting for the face. The hair is licorice, the eyes are mini M&M's, the noses are candy corn and the hats are ice cream cones.

Who's your Mummy?

Then we got creative. 

 The hungry spider.


Happy Sunday!


  1. Amazing! I am going to make those with P. She will lovw it and even I think I can manage it. Says A lot!

  2. You could go into business, lady. I'd buy them. Definitely.