Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When it all falls down

Friday night I started losing my voice, Saturday was worse and by Sunday I was down for the count. Monday morning I went to the doctor to get the magic pill that makes it all better. I had never met this doctor before but I swear she looked like she should be on T.V. The gorgeous doctor that looks good at 7am, wears the latests designer outfit and is definitely "the good guy".  The kind of doctor that you still like even though she says "You have a virus and I can't help you, but I wish I could!"  The kind of doctor that has an amazing bedside manner and explains that my Kindergardener probably brought this home but because we take such good care of him and his only stress is deciding what crayon to use for his Dracula Jack-O'-Lantern picture, his immune system is in a little bit better shape than mine. 

So Hubby's been waiting on me hand and foot for the last 4 days. He has made me 3 different kinds of soup and finally brought out the big guns: White Bean And Garlic Soup. This should definitely kick this virus in the arse. 

Meanwhile, I heard from Shaboom. Apparently she accidentally impaled her calf with a knitting needle, which made it impossible to go into the Carlsberg-owned Kronenbourg brewery in Strasbourg, what with all the bleeding and limping she was doing.  So she and her boyfriend had to go to the quick mart and buy a couple of double deuce Kronenbourgs which they drank sitting on the curb. So romantic! 

It is safe to say that Shaboom and I are a bit of a mess. But  here's what I learned this week, if you want a great soup to kick the %*#@ out of that cold or flu try the White Been and Garlic Soup recipe, go to The Rich Life On a Budget to find the best technique for pealing garlic, and don't go to Strasbourg with knitting needles. 

Happy Tuesday!