Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Shoes

Yesterday, I was given these gorgeous orange suede shoes. They were my Neighbor Wife's but didn't quite fit her so she gave them to me. The only problem is, I don't really have the life for these.

I keep trying to imagine where I would wear them. Yes, if I lived in Paris I wouldn't think twice about wearing these to the market. But in Burbank?

I would have to go to a different supermarket because I know everyone at Pavilion's and they would ask where I was going. "Just home to do laundry."

Walking 5 to school?  I don't think so. 2 miles is a little much for an amateur like me.

Date Night?  Since we eat at 5:00 it's still light out. Putting on my gorgeous shoes to eat the early bird special makes me sad.

So for now, I just look at them. They do make my closet look pretty.

Happy Saturday


  1. They would look great if you were invited to a holiday party... Like a dessert party or something.

  2. Wow! I'll take them. They are strictly pavement shoes though. No going near dirt or grass and even if the weather man says it might rain next Tuesday you shouldn't wear them.

  3. Those are such great shoes! You must find a place to wear them...any holiday parties coming up? Lunch with a friend? Get a babysitter and go out for dinner? They really are stunning. xoxo

  4. I so completely identify with this! I recently went to a clothing swap, which was actually pretty damned fun, where everybody brought their old clothes, and we all just rooted around and ended up taking home bags of stuff we don't need. Anyway, I brought home a GORGEOUS Diane Von Furstenburg dress - really tight and sexy and beautiful and I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHERE THE HELL I WILL EVER WHERE THIS. To the market? Church? School activity? It's very sad.

  5. Completely in love with them. But, I know what you mean. I haven't the life for shoes like that either.

  6. Send them to me, Karen! I would wear the crap out of those shoes!!

    And Gretchen - I love DVF ...and my birthday is in 3 weeks. HINT HINT.