Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chicken Feet Friday

Chicken Feet!

A week ago, we had our friends over for dinner.  While we were enjoying the carne asada tacos Hubby made, Ling, from Southern China, told me that she loves some food that her boyfriend wouldn't even try. What could this be? Chicken feet and fish with the head still on! I told her to bring it on over and we'd make it a "Chicken Feet and Fish Head Friday!"  

And so she did. 

I had my first experience with chicken feet last night. I had been talking about it all week in anticipation and actually 5 was the first to dig in. He liked it but said there were too many bones. He was  fearless. 

Now, I enjoy all parts of the chicken, I was brought up eating innerds and necks. But I had never eaten chicken feet before and it was a bit intimidating. I nibbled a bit, and yes, there were a lot of bones and cartilage, but like all chicken, if it's cooked right and has the right seasoning, it tastes good. And it did!

Leeks And Shanghai Ching

Ling also brought over Leeks from her garden, Shanghai Ching, Peppers, Yams, and prepared her own soy sauce. 


Let's not forget the fish with a head. It was already cooked so Hubby warmed it  up on the grill and presented her with the cheek. He also grilled all the veggies. 

I love experiencing new dishes, it feeds my soul. Chicken Feet for the soul! No?

I still haven't gotten used to the sight of chicken feet, and I probably don't need to have them again but what a fun night. 

Hope your Friday was as adventurous as ours!



  1. Shaboom, have you ever had Chicken Feet?


  2. Yes. In Tokyo we went to a Yakatori place and chicken feet was part of our 15 skewer sampler. So were gizzards and beaks!

    Not my favorite but it was nicely prepared.

    Bisous Bisous!