Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pirate Shipwreck Cake!

"Buddy? What kind of cake do you want this year?"

"Okay...A pirate ship has crashed into an island...and the pirates are fighting the zombies who are trying to get onto the ship...and there's a forest fire on the island so the animals are trying to get onto the ship...and ninjas swoop down and save everyone! Can you make that?"


5 has turned 6. I spent many hours of my life making this cake. I made the pirate flags out of felt, patches and BBQ squers. My little guy made a legos forest fire and I spent way too much time in Janes Cake Shop.  I let my little guy put the candy rocks, animals, pirates and zombies on the cake. (I dipped lego guys in melted green chocolate to make the zombies) I didn't follow any patterns or examples. I just went for it.

The hardest part was transporting the crazy cake from home to the party destination. I was sprawled out on the floor of the car hanging on to my beloved cake for dear life while my newly turned 6 year old was shouting "Mommy! That's not appropriate!"

"Listen, Buddy, I've spent hours on this cake and it's going to make it to the party in one piece, sometimes you have to bend the rules a little."

The whole way there he was worried that the police would pull us over and Mommy would go to jail because she wasn't strapped in her seat.

"Duck Mom! I see a cop!" became the new norm.

2 hours into the party the stern dropped. I repaired it once then gave up the second time.

"It's good Mom, it's a shipwreck!"

So I say, just go with it and have an incredible day.


P.S. The "walk the plank lego" caught on fire when I lit the candles. Luckily there was a 2 year old who yelled out "Get the hoses!" so we were safe.

I wish you all smooth sailing, my friends.

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