Friday, February 26, 2010

A Mad Dash

Hi. I'm Shaboom. You might want to read some important disclaimers (click here.)

When FS initially asked me to help with her experiment, she wanted me to begin by sending her my grocery shopping list. This posed a problem as I rarely do my own food shopping. Why? Well... I have taken a lovah (Obsessed!) who is obsessed with a lot of things, one of them being cooking. He does 99.9% of the cooking and therefore does 99.9% of the food shopping.

Obsessed! is like a hyper-active bull in a china shop when it comes to any shopping. Therefore, I really try to have a good excuse every time he asks me to accompany him to the market. "I'm washing my hair."

Obsessed! buys the majority of his meat, dairy and produce at les marchés in Paris which are like independent farmers' markets set up on different days of the week at various locations in the city.

When Obsessed! needs to buy things like paper towels, pickles or pasta, he goes to the French Super Duper Market, aka Carrefour. We walk in carrying our huge eco shopping bags in which we'll transport the purchases chez nous.

Les Marchés is where we get the bulk of the food but Carrefour is where we get the above listed stuff plus yogurt, mustard, pasta, rice, pickles, sugar, flour, vanilla beans, salt, pepper, etc. That doesn't mean we still won't spend hours here and leave with the pumpkin-mobile packed to the gills like a clown car.

See one of the fundamental differences between myself and Obsessed in the photos below. They are super market floorplans with the projected routes that each of us follow when food shopping. Obviously, the red route marks my path and the blue is Obsessed!'s, which closely mimicks the inner workings of his brain waves...


  1. I feel so much better...these maps are identical to mine and my boyfriend's...I am not alone!!