Thursday, February 25, 2010


I would like to introduce you to my fabulous friend, Shaboom Shaboom, who lives in Paris, France and is my inspiration for this whole experiment.

I met her while working a few years ago in California. I think we were friends in about two and a half seconds. She is beautiful, funny, vivacious, unbelievably smart and tells it like it is. And when I say smart I mean speaks 100 languages kind of smart. She would never tell you this, of course, she’s not like that.

She is a single girl, living in Paris. She has a new lover who will be referred to as Obsessed! This name because.....well.....he loves to make love. He may be THE clumsiest Frenchman in that country’s history.

She has her pulse on all things French, wears six inch heels to go shopping, sleeps until noon and is up until the wee hours. Regarding lifestyles the only thing we have in common at this point is that our purses both weigh seven pounds. But hers is a fabulous French bag and mine is a Mommy bag.

I would like to thank her with all my heart for letting me dissect her life in the search for French Skinny in Burbank.


  1. Oui, oui, le bag. Where do we get le bag?

  2. The bag I got near l'opèra at French designer Lamarthe. But you can sometimes find them online - might be less of a drive ;0)


    Yoox, Shopbop, Bluefly, NetaPorter are usually your best bets.

    Good luck!