Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweet Kitty

The Sweet Sour Ice Cream
My little guy

Today, as my six year old little boy and I drove home from Grandma Dee's house, he asked if we could play Sweet Kitty. Sweet Kitty is an imaginary Kitty that lives on his head all the time and is, of course, very sweet. She can change color and go to many lands.

I am the voice of Sweet Kitty.

With all the Lego's, Pokemon, Trash Pack toys he brings with him in the car it's been awhile since he's asked to play with Sweet Kitty and I thought, oh my, is he scared about something? Is he regressing or just reminiscing?

Today he gave Sweet Kitty a present. A magic crystal that is so tiny you can barely see it. Sweet Kitty can jump into the crystal and see the special castle that was built just for her.

This went on for awhile and then my heart sank when he told Sweet Kitty this.

"Sweet Kitty, I have to tell you the truth about some things. First, you aren't really six like me you're four. You were born out of my imagination. And Sweet Kitty, you can't stay with me forever. Sometime soon you will have to find a new little boy or girl."

That's when I realized he's getting ready to say goodbye to Sweet Kitty.

Another milestone. A new time.

My heart hurts.

I cried.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Do you emotionally overeat?

About 3 weeks ago I accidentally came upon this clip from the Dr. Oz Show, immediately got in my car and sped to the nearest health food store so fast, NASCAR Driver, Dale Jr., would be impressed.

After searching the many isles of supplements, I finally asked the 18 year old kid stocking shelves if they have Saffron Extract.

"Um, yeah, it's right here."
"Oh...thanks. You guys put it on the corner, that's why I couldn't find it...Is this your last bottle?"
"Yeah, a lot of people watch the Dr. Oz show." He said with an attitude. How dare he have an attitude. I have rhinestone jewelry that's older than him.

Anyway, I bought the last bottle of Saffron Extract they had, tried it out and have been pushing the Saffron ever since.

Being *ahem* over 35 I need the Saffron Extract because when I forget to take it I start heading for the chips. I forgot to take it on the 4th of July and completely over indulged and I did this because I forgot to take the supplements that help me not forget. (Sigh)

Give Saffron a go and let me know how it works for you. Meanwhile, I'll be over here polishing my vintage rhinestone jewelry from the 80's.


*P.S. No one is paying me to endorse the saffron.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

After The Party

We went to Aunt Bonnie's yesterday for their 4th of July BBQ and it was quite the food fest. There were healthy snacks like bean chips and yogurt dip but it was so good I completely overindulged. They grilled succulent steaks, there was fresh watermelon, freshly baked rolls and corn on the cob. The homemade peach ice cream I brought was a complete success and was fantastic with the brownies. There were no leftovers.

That's what parties are all about.

Today I'm back to the French Skinny lifestyle. Lunch is a delicious bacon, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese salad dressed with a little bit of olive oil and white balsamic vinegar paired with Hubby's delightful cucumber salad. I don't know what it is about the cucumber salad but I'm addicted. We make a big batch and keep it in the fridge to snack on all day long.

Cucumber Salad
One hothouse cucumber sliced.
Half a red onion roughly chopped. 
Red wine vinegar. (We were out today so I used white balsamic vinegar)

Mix it all in a bowl, cover and put in fridge to chill. 


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Have A Peachy 4th!

Peach Ice Cream

Happy 4th of July! Something has come over me this week because I am craving peaches. I bought a box of beautiful juicy peaches yesterday and decided to make homemade peach ice cream to bring to Aunt Bonnie's BBQ today. 

I took this peach ice cream recipe and changed it just a little bit. Instead of finely cutting the peaches, I just pitted them and pureed them in the magic bullet, skin and all. So much easier and the fruit won't become a weird frozen lumpy cube of ick. 

I also added 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Hubby came into the kitchen and tried to eat all of it. It's that delicious.

I hope you have a safe and wonderful day.