Monday, April 2, 2012

Coupa Cafe


So many wonderful things are happening in my life right now. And I can't talk about any of them! It's driving me crazy and oh so not great for a blog! What I can tell you about is this amazing Venezuelan restaurant Judy took me to the other day called Coupa Cafe.  She has exquisite taste in everything including restaurants. We were very French Skinny in ordering little bits of everything but then it suddenly wasn't French Skinny anymore because we had little bits of EVERYTHING! I still have sweet dreams of the Cafe' Caracas, a slightly sweet but very spicy latte that has rocked my world. I asked them what spices they used. Paprika and Cayenne were included. So now I am on a quest to find the recipe. Every morning I make my coffee, add Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Cinnamon and this morning I added Nutmeg. Then I pour that through a filter add a little sweet and half and half. Of course Hubby thinks I'm crazy with my spices and filtering and 5 projects, laundry, and trying to juggle it all but I think I've got this latte almost perfect.

Hope all is going well for you. Time to make a list.

Happy Monday!



  1. missed you guys - good luck with all that is going on !!!

  2. very nice!

    i'm gonna try adding spices to my coffee and see how it tastes like.

    have a good one!

    : )

  3. Have you ever tried adding your spices to the ground coffee BEFORE brewing it? I like to add cinnamon or pumpkin spice this way to flavor my coffee. Then no filtering necessary and it kind of all steams together. Yum!