Monday, January 28, 2013

The Weekend

Saturday, I was privileged to witness a beautiful wedding between two people who are in love. It was to be an outdoor wedding under a gazebo at 2:00pm in Arizona. Grandma Dee, my sister Tammy, my six year old son and I flew to Arizona Friday night. At each airport we got a wheelchair for Grandma and with that comes VIP service.  (I want to take Grandma Dee with me on every trip!)  It was my son's first airplane ride. He got to go into the cockpit with the pilot and look around, the stewardess was incredibly nice and 6 asked me if there would be a trolly with drinks and snacks like on the train in the Harry Potter movie. I will never forget holding his hand and watching his face during takeoff. The excitement and pure joy was followed by hugs and kisses. The stewardess came by with "the trolly" and asked if she could make him a Shirley Temple (Sprite and raspberry juice I think) The flight was an hour and a half then the bags, the rental car and finally the hotel. We had just unpacked and gone to dinner at a really fun restaurant called The Rustler's Rooste when it started. The rain.

It rained hard. All night long. Uh oh. Outdoor wedding? The next morning we called and found out the place they were going to get married was flooded with 3 inches of water and unless we got a boat for Grandma Dee and the rest of the guests that location was cancelled. There were tears.

But, remembering it is all about love and being married, they decided to go ahead and get hitched.

The ceremony took place in the garage where the groom's father usually kept his Harley Davidson motorcycles. It was tricked out with hardwood floors, posters of Harley chicks on the walls, a  bar and a giant T.V. They had moved the motorcycles out and put tables and chairs inside. They got a couple of tents and extended them down the driveway.

The bride and groom are crazy in love. They said their own vows and I cried happy tears. It was an adapt and overcome moment and it was sincere, unique and lovely.

In a few weeks, when the weather clears up, they will have that outdoor reception. We can't go but I feel so lucky to have been there for the big event.

The next day, on the way to the airport,  we stopped at a restaurant called Ghallager's for lunch. They had Ghost Pepper Hot Wings on the menu.  I've never seen anything with a ghost pepper (the hottest pepper in the world) on a menu before and I've never tried anything with a ghost pepper in it.
I called Hubby before I ordered to get his opinion. He said he thought it was a terrible idea since I'm getting on a plane in 2 hours. Then 6 started chanting "Do it! Do it! Do it!"  (He and Hubby have watched way too many episodes of Man vs. Food) So I did. I ordered the half dozen.

It was the hottest sauce I've ever had. Ever. Ever.  However, it was also very tasty. And the wings were baked, then grilled. Delicious!


After an action packed weekend, I'm back to FS portions. I had an egg for breakfast, then took a FS walk to the store for my lunch. (An apple, a little smoked gouda and a giant bottle of water.) Later, I'll walk to pick up my son from school. (About 4 miles of walking altogether) Dinner will be a lovely soup Hubby made. FS size of course!


One good thing a day for a year:

Experiencing my son's first plane ride.

Watching love conquer all. (Even the weather.)

Ghost pepper hot wings.

Sharing it all with my Grandma Dee and my sister, Tammy. 


  1. oh karen i got all cry-ee reading this...i love a good love story that is true-oh gosh o hope the marriage is as love filled as that VERY SPECIAL VERY UNIQUE WEDDING DAY WAS-and yippee for 6 on his first time in the air truly events that shall not be forgotten-TO LOVE AND TO FLYING-for the first time-oh and to french skinny portions too!

  2. Awww than you g:) Cheers to both of those. To love and flying!


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