Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breakfast- Quinoa

Quinoa with sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, pine nuts, goat cheese and cayenne pepper.

This is so good. I'm eating and writing (which is not very French!) okay wait.....
Two minutes later: Done...What do you expect?! It's delicious and it was only half a ramekin! Anyway, back to the Quinoa, little bits my favorite things. I have to go to the store so I had to use what I had. 

White Quinoa
A Tablespoon of sun dried tomatoes in olive oil from a jar. 
A Tablespoon of dry roasted pine nuts.
Goat Cheese for creaminess.
Cayenne Pepper and a little Black Pepper for a kick. 

It's sweet and crunch and creamy and spicy. 

The perfect breakfast after my French Skinny walk. 

Today is the fourth day walking four miles a day. I thought I was in shape until I started walking 4 miles a day. Why would I think I was in shape? I have no idea, I really didn't think my legs and shins would hurt going from two miles a day to four miles a day. I started Monday. The next morning was the worst. No, actually Wednesday was pretty bad too. But today it feels better. I'm sleeping better also. I'll be working through lunch so we'll see if this takes me to dinner. Lots of water. Lots. 


One good thing a day for a year:

Monday: Starting my 4 miles a day! 

Tuesday: After walking 4 miles this is the best pineapple I've ever had.

Wednesday: I sure am lucky to be walking 4 miles even if my legs are KILLING me. 

Thursday: Quinoa Breakfast! 


For a fun time, Blog Hop with Smacksy and her friends today. They'll tell you why you're glad they didn't blog in the 80's. 


  1. i kept checking in that comment that has since disappeared made me a litte apprehensive to put my 2 cents in...i love the ingredients in your quinoa-i usually make it with peaches and ground nutmeg and flaxseed-a recipe from a book called ULTRAMETABOLISM-i literally choke it down it lacks body to me but prepared like thisi think i might like it-hope all is well and that your week was enjoyable-even with the reconditioning of some leg muscles-and my best wishes for AN EVEN BETTER WEEK COMING UP!!

  2. Sorry g. I hate when we get spam comments. You should try this quinoa recipe, I wouldn't eat it if it wasn't delish!

    Happy Sunday

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