Thursday, October 14, 2010

Karen - Call me Freaking Goldilocks - Day 100 From Burbank

I'm really sore from all the stairs and miles walking.

My tree gave me lots of lemons yesterday.

2 cups of coffee (no sugar)
And a lemon butter crepe. Delicious.

Walked Ernie with 4. Actually we marched.

4 and Hubby are inventing things while I go do 80 flights of stairs.

Once home, 4 and I went for an hour long bike ride. We ended up at the library, checked out some books then played at the park.

Home for lunch. Artichoke and a hot dog. The hot dog had no nitrates.

I really just want to take a nap but I did my 8 mile walk then home for this tiny size serving of steak stew Hubby made yesterday and a little baguette.

At the beginning of The French Skinny Experiment, the Papa bowl on the left was my portion size. Then I moved on to the Momma size one in the middle. Now I'm eating out of a ramekin.
Call me Freaking Goldilocks. Mmmmmm that's just right! Whatever. I'm a little angry. Can you tell?

Later on I had a couple pieces of dark chocolate.

I was so hungry I couldn't sleep. I had some popcorn. Then a little cheese. Then more cheese.

It's only day 2 and I'm starting to rethink the New, New Plan of 8miles and 80 flights a day.


Meanwhile, my friend, Zanymad has a new blog! It's fun, it's pretty and she says really sweet things about me so go check her out.


  1. I've walked a couple of marathons and several halfs and all the training that goes with it. Anytime I walk more than 4 miles I get ravenous! Walk a marathon, gain weight. grrrr

  2. Poor Goldilocks. Did she do stairs too?

  3. I know Keri! Grrrrr

    Lisa, I'm thinking Goldilocks must have done stairs. That's why she passed out so fast in Baby Bear's bed.

  4. You did 80 flights of stairs?! That's insane. I'm a long distance runner but even two flights of stairs make me winded. Woo hoo! Keep it up!

  5. ok, color me crazy, but i think you deserve a larger portion of stew. if you're climbing 80 flights of stairs, walking 8 miles and taking an hour long bike ride all in one need to give your body a little more fuel, girl! regardless, i salute you!! :)

  6. God love you Kittie Flyn for being a long distance runner and getting winded by two flights of stairs! I feel so much better about it now...I get winded "looking" at two flights of stairs! Karen, I like your new plan...I'm just thinking that even shaboom eats out of a bigger bowl than a if you eat something out the ramekin every hour. Thank you for your shout out...I need all the help I can get...still trying to think of a new topic...any suggestions?

  7. Ramekin, bamekin... go for the momma portions :)