Saturday, October 30, 2010

Karen - Day 107 - Chinatown

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA

For my new phase of FSE I do a little research and find a walking tour of Chinatown, print it out and we're ready to go.

Hubby: "What's that?"
Me: "A self guided walking tour of Chinatown."
Hubby: "Chinatown's only about 3 blocks."
Me: "But I don't know where it is or anything about it."
Hubby: "I do."
Me: "What? When was this?"
Hubby: "Back in the day."

Obviously this is a surprise to me. I bring the self guided walking tour along anyway.

"Momma look! Dragons."

I caught Hubby looking at one of his old haunts.
Many years ago, before I met him, Hubby was a bass guitar player in a punk band. They played in the building he's looking at. He said people would climb in the second floor windows to get in free.

Now it's a fancy shop.

He said he used to eat here all the time.

4 was having fun.

We bought a few things then it was time to eat.
Hubby spotted a restaurant with a lot of locals in it. He said this is how you know a place is really good. Don't go for flash, go with the locals.
(Who needs Anthony Bourdain when I've got Hubby?)

The first thing we see when we walk in are the roasted ducks.
I'm in the right place.

We order a simple lunch.


Kung Pao Shrimp.

I spice it up.
It was the best Chinese food I've ever had. Next time I'm getting some of that Duck.

My treasures from the day.

We were done by noon and on our way home.
While I ran errands, Hubby and 4 were home playing with the Chinese Party Snaps
You throw them on the ground and they pop.

4 passed out early and stayed asleep for the rest of the night.

Sleep Tight.


  1. Beautiful photos. And I've been to that building to watch a punk band a loooooooooooonnnnggggg time ago. I dated this really sexy guy who took me there on a date. I signed their mailing list and would get anarchy parents were thrilled. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Wow! Really? It's a small world after all. I'm sure your parents were thrilled. LOL!

  3. Chinatown is my very favorite!

  4. Whenever I visit the city - a trip to Chinatown is always on the schedule.
    A looks so sweet;-)
    Yummy - food looks delicious!
    Happy Sundayxx

  5. Looks like a lovely day! I adore duck, that's right, next time, go for the duck! XX!

  6. I like duck, but I adore sock monkeys!