Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weigh In Week 15 - Well.....that didn't work.

Weigh In Week 15
Goal: Lose 35 pounds in 6 months the French Skinny Way.
Gained 1.5 pounds this week.
Total lost so far: 13.5 pounds

Well......that didn't work.

This put me in a funk today. And NO I didn't gain muscle. My pants are tighter and I can't even get my jeans over my enormous calves.

I know I'm missing something.
The answer to this thing.
It's almost there, like that dream that makes sense out of everything but you can't quite remember it when you wake up.

I did my 8 miles and 80 flights of stairs anyway. Why? To be honest, I don't really know what else to do. Shaboom told me she did this for a whole month so that's what I committed to. But I know I can't keep it up. I'm too exhausted. Tomorrow will be my last day. I will call her on my journey and try to figure out a new plan.

I called The Sgt. Major. He said, "Just think of this as war. You make a plan. If the plan doesn't work, you make a new plan." God, I love having him as a big brother. He is very wise and very brave. Solid as a rock. I start to think about what he has sacrificed for his country. How silly all this other stuff seems. But he's behind me in this so I keep going. I know what he's done. That's why I can do day after day of my 8 miles and 80 flights of stairs plan. He's done more and never talked about it. Yes, there are people like that. And I get to know one of them.

4 and I walked to Toys R Us then ended up at Chili John's.
Hubby met us there for dinner.
Chili John's is famous in Burbank.
You want some real chili? Head on down.

I ordered the spiciest chili they have with the works.

It was a fun night.


The sky was so beautiful when we walked out.

I can tell Hubby is relieved that tomorrow will be my last day.
It takes me 4 hours to do 8 miles and 80 flights of stairs.

I'm going to figure this out.

Tomorrow I call Shaboom.


  1. Aww Karen. :(

    losing weight is one of those things...the more stressed out about it you become, the harder it is to attain/maintain.

    I think that you really had it right at the beginning ... you were enjoying life, enjoying *good* food, stopping to appreciate it all. isolating yourself for hours to do 80 flights of stairs isn't really sustainable.

    You're really lovely whether you're 13, 11, or 0 pounds 'down'...so don't beat yourself up and remember to love yourself.


  2. That chili looks SOOOO good. I have no weight loss advice. Except young children and the flu.

    Not advisable.

  3. I think Chili John's should be my new plan.

  4. can they do vegetarian or is it just a crime? :) Yay! NO MORE STAIRS!

  5. sometimes when you bump up in exercise, your muscles temporarily store a lot more glycogen and with glycogen even more water...

  6. oh k....i read earlier and debated to comment or not...i do not know what to say -you must be so so FRUSTRATED right now....i think maybe thecommonsensualist's idea might be right ...you'll figure this out I JUST KNOW YOU WILL....HANG IN THERE keep us posted and i eagerly await word from mission control on how we are to proceed! STRONG POSITIVE CAN DO thoughts from out here on the opposite coast and most of all admiration for this huge effort! i admire your strength...more like brother than you realize THAT IS FOR SURE!!

  7. I just don't even know what to say...except I'm so, so, so, so, sorry it didn't work. I'm thinking that thecommonsensualist is right...8 miles and 80 flights of stairs is NOT enjoying life. I'm also with Sgt. Major...new plan! If it makes you feel any better, my daughter got bored and decided to cut her layers shorter...you should SEE it. OMG. We are talking 2" on top. She had a mullet...I posted pics of it and her new cut...super short...and she starts a new high school next week. This made me eat all sorts of good comfort foods, which I did not walk off. So, compared to me, you are doing GREAT!