Saturday, October 16, 2010

HOLY MOTHER OF........ -Day 101 - Karen

Karen sends her posts from Burbank, CA

My eyes open.
Good morning world.
What a beautiful........HOLY MOTHER OF AHHHH I'M SORE!
Every muscle is sore.
I try to get out of bed. I can't move.

"Mommy!!!!! Can Hedgehog play for a minute?"

Yes, the Hedgehog puppet is still 4's favorite. I am the voice of Hedgehog. This goes on for an hour while I lie in bed.
Hubby brings me coffee because I'm incapable of it this morning.

Hubby: "You're crazy. Just take a break today."

After knowing me for 13 years and thinking I would actually do that makes me smile.
Why does it hurt when I smile?
I finally get up, eat the above breakfast. All of it. Power down some Advil and I'm on my way.

80 flights of stairs. (By sheer will)

Hubby shakes his head as I head off for my 8 mile walk. He and 4 are going to go do something fun.

Day 3 of the 8 miles and 80 flights of stairs New, New Plan feels kind of lonely. I'm not used to spending this much time alone.

I get home and the guys are still gone.
I make more of the above baguette with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and Basil from Grandma Dee's garden. I eat it all. Then have some chocolate.
The next couple of hours are spent in front of the T.V. watching a chick flick.

When the guys get home, 4 gets Hedgehog and snuggles with me. He doesn't want to talk to me just to Hedgehog. I try not to take this personally. (I know)

It's so hot in Burbank we decide not to cook dinner. Hubby got some chicken salad, potato salad and pita bread from the deli.
Yeah, it kind of tasted like this too. Bland.

Later that night I have some bread and cheese.
Needless to say I'm keeping Advil in business.


  1. Fantastic.
    And Ibuprofin is one of my food groups.

  2. put me to SHAME!!! I have to go to the gym...I just HAVE to! And that chicken salad...does NOT look appetizing. Just saying.

  3. I love the Hedgehog updates. Glad to see he's doing so well! You too, of course. ;)

  4. yes, when we need a good swift kick out the door we hear, 'oh take a break'.. but it is true love :) I'm just sayin'