Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 106 - Talking with Shaboom

Karen sends her updates from Burbank, CA

"Mommy, look, I did a picture of you!"

My new curtains.

After the art project, it's off for my final day of this madness.

I call Shaboom along the way.

"I can't do 8 miles and 80 flights of stairs anymore. It takes 4 hours out of my day, I'm exhausted, I've gained a pound and a half and really.....I'm not having fun."

"You have to stop it then. The whole point is for you to enjoy your life."

"Exactly. Well...... enjoy my life 35 pounds less. But yes."

"When I went sightseeing, I took the train a lot. Maybe you could plan some day trips, explore and eat at new places."

"That sounds so much better than my last idea."

Once home, I informed Hubby about the new idea.
I choose to believe the shaking of the head while walking away was his way of saying "Wow! You are amazing to keep going! How fun this new phase of your super important experiment will be! Count me in! How can I help?"

Total: 8 days of 8 miles and 80 flights of stairs = 64 miles and 640 flights of stairs.

The great thing is, I now know I NEVER EVER, EVER have to do that again.
(Thank goodness that wasn't the answer.)

Today I said Au Revoir to The New, New Plan.
Tomorrow, Bon Jour Chinatown.

How to build a better Monster Trap if you are a 4 year old boy.

1. Invite your friend over who is 5 years old and a girl.
2. Take EVERYTHING out of your bedroom and move it into the living room.
3. Arange everything in an orderly manner.
4. Set up witnesses.

Bon Chance!


  1. I love the new plan; it sounds fun. Love the sock monkey too...made me think of my grandparents and the fun I had at their house. How many monsters did you catch?

  2. The witnesses seal the deal for me. I love them.

  3. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!! i imagine it is like a weight has been lifted...literally and figurativly relieved for you. cannot wait to hear about the sightings in chinatown and the food adventures that will be had all around burbank. sounds like a GOOD plan...def a good plan. bon chance to you too! g