Tuesday, May 10, 2011

French Dessert

French Dessert
Photo by Karen at French Skinny

When we first started the French Skinny Experiment, it was clear that Shaboom ate what was in season. I always wanted to do this.......but my life was so chaotic I never got around to it. Slowly over the last year this habit has changed. For all of us.

Today, 4 begged me to get a watermelon. Not a fruit roll up or some sugary cereal. Watermelon! I pretended to let him "talk" me into it. "Okay." I said after his passionate plea.

I cut it up. Hubby and 4 ate 3 pieces each. I took some over to the neighbors who ate every piece on the plate.

I had 2 pieces myself.

There's still half a watermelon left. Pretty good for a 5 dollar investment.

I feel good about my family's choices, 4 feels like he got away with something and my neighbors think I'm the June Cleaver of desserts.

Win, win, win, win, win.


  1. karen--here on the east coast, i have become desensitized to"in season" items because everything is available all year(at varying degrees of quality, taste, and price). i no longer even know a true seasonal item. something for me to work on reaquainting myself with. as always "food for thought"-g

  2. g, check out your local farmer's markets or if you're in a city, the public market. They always have fruits and vegetables in season, and no middleman!