Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Serrano Pepper

Last night Hubby and I went through the same script we've been having for years.

"I'm hungry."
"Me too."
"What do you want to do for dinner?"
"Have it."
"I could make pasta....."

(Then Hubby threw me for a loop.)

"How about pasta in a white sauce with a serrano pepper?"
"I could.....I guess. Seeds or no seeds?"

Wow. Hubby is hardcore when it comes to hot peppers.
I didn't think this would turn out very good. It just didn't sound right. But I'll try anything once.
I didn't have time to look up a recipe so I just went to work.

I started the water for the pasta. In a saucepan, I melted some butter, added olive oil, cut up a really big serrano pepper and put it in the butter to start cooking. Then I added chopped green onions, garlic salt, black pepper, cream and parmesan cheese.
I cooked the pasta, put it back in the pan, poured the sauce over it, dished it into a bowl and added a little more parmesan.

It was delicious!
Hubby named the dish Serrano-biata.

Warning: Serrano Peppers are feaking hot! Tread carefully. I would try them without the seeds first. And always wash your hands after cutting them.

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