Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Photo by Karen at French Skinny

The backyard is.....a disaster. During the winter, the bamboo took over and was devouring us. So we hired some guys to dig it up. Bamboo is crazy hard to get rid of. Anyway, that opened up a can of worms. After the bamboo was gone we realized the chain link fence behind it was falling down. We asked our friends and family to come over and help us remove the eyesore chain link. My part in this was to keep everyone hydrated and stay out of the way.
Once the fence was gone, our backyard merged with 2 other neighbors backyards. Which meant we had a pool for a week. Funny thing, when the walls came down we got to know our neighbors. Our neighbor with a pool, Harry, has rescued 3 dogs, a cat and a bird. He's invited us to come swim in the pool whenever we want. We've invited him over for a Tiki Party, when the backyard is done.
We have a lovely redwood fence now but I kind of miss the neighbors, dogs and pool.
Hubby has plans to completely change the landscape of the backyard. Move trees, bushes, take out railroad ties, fountains......everything. His inspiration? He wants our son to have enough room for a slip n slide. Yes, that's right, a slip n slide. This makes me laugh and love him a million times more than ever before.
He's going to incorporate an herb garden and pepper garden for me. I'm so excited! It's funny, the things that excite me these days.
Today I went to Trader Joe's and bought some herb starter plants. I'm going to keep them in the kitchen until the garden is ready.
I've had mint water all day today. No sugar needed. I just crushed some fresh mint, added water and voila!


  1. Beware: mint is as invasive as bamboo, so plant it in an enclosed area!

  2. I love Trader Joe's! Good luck with your herb garden.