Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Photo by Karen at French Skinny

It's beautiful in Southern California right now so 5 and I decided to have a Picnic.

The idea: Pack some healthy French Skinny snacks in a little bag, take a leisurely French Skinny walk to the park a mile away, lay out a lovely blanket and watch my darling son play while I relax.

The reality: Once I packed the food, drinks, plates, napkins, blanket and camera, I looked like a tourist going cross country. 5 just got a razor scooter so I had to do the Parisian power walk with all my items yelling "RED LIGHT" to slow my kid down. Once we got there, I laid the blanket under a tree, then had to move it around 3 times because the tree's roots were invading my underside. I took a breath and quietly ate my cheese and a few bites of cucumber. As soon as I started to feel a little relaxed the ants started to descend upon us. We ate fast, packed up, and moved to a park bench. Then it was time to go home. I suited up with all our stuff and couldn't wait to get home.

What I learned: Eat before we go, bring a snack, forget the blanket, eat at the picnic table. Wear running shoes to catch up with razor scooter kid.

I know Shaboom would do this all in 4 inch heels, ending up at the Eiffel Tower eating roasted chestnuts and drinking French lemonade laughing coquettishly into the night. (Sigh) I will endeavor to keep trying. I have cast off my hair scrunchies, sweat pants and old clothes. But still working on my ce' la vie and my je ne sais quoi.

"Buddy, please don't use my heels as a ramp for your Hot Wheels toys, okay?"


  1. Karen,
    It was a good idea in theory. Laugh.

    Love you.

  2. Love you too Sarcastic Bastard! You have the best name ever.


  3. Oooh, love the new look around this joint! So vibrant.

  4. Thanks, Karen. Sarcastic Bitch just didn't have as good a ring to it. Laugh.