Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Camp-Day 1

5:00am- Wake up. My little boy is starting Summer Camp today. I need coffee.

5:01am- Wonder if I should pack his lunch yet. Decide to wait a few hours.

5:02am- Overwhelming desire to get a puppy.

6:00am- My little boy wakes up. I pretend to be really excited about his Summer Camp.

6:01am- Start researching dog breeds for my new puppy.

6:10am- Hubby doesn't think Summer Camp is a good idea. I reassure him. Hubby sighs and goes to Home Depot to get "a lot of stuff". Is Home Depot even open?

6:15am- Plan snack and lunch for the little camper.


Turkey Sandwich
Baby carrots
Cheese and Crackers

6:30am- Happy that my little guy will have a healthy lunch, I get his brand new never been used Batman insulated lunchbox. Cut the tags off. Zipper it open. Stare mindlessly at the whiteness of it. Decide to pack lunch later. Sit down for a few minutes.

6:45am- More puppy research.

7:00am- Little guy asks if he sleeps over at Summer Camp. I reassure him it's a few hours every day but he'll come home right after lunch.

7:10am- Hubby arrives home with "a lot of stuff". I guess Home Depot is open. Who knew?

7:15am- Get 3rd cup of coffee. I'm super ready for this!

7:30am- Little guy bangs his knee. Wants me to kiss it and make it feel better.

*Butterflies in tummy*

8:00am- Get label maker out and put little guy's name on everything.

8:25am- Finally pack snack, lunch, get ready and head to camp.

9:00am- Sign the little guy in. He runs over to the teacher, waves hello to a friend, turns to me and says "Bye Mom, see you later."

9:01am- That's it? Shellshocked, I walk outside and phone a friend.

Growing pains, they're not just for kids.

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