Sunday, June 5, 2011

Joyeux Dimanche - The French Open

It's finally here! The last day of the French Open or Roland Garros (the French have to give things their own name.)

*image borrowed from the internet

Today, Shaboom's dad, the tennis coach, will be glued to his television screen watching the action. (Love you, Dad!) Shaboom lives just minutes away from the stadium and yet will not be present to watch the match but will be paying homage to Federer in her own way... by visiting his native Switzerland.

*image borrowed from the internet

Who are you rooting for? Federer or Nadal?


  1. I love tennis. And by that I mean watching it from afar. I'm rooting for this guy!


  2. Sarcastic Bastard,

    I spent the day with the dregs of society at the Paris Department of Motor Vehicles. The other day I had to take an ungrateful teenager to the emergency room for a severe case of hypochondria. I was there until 3am. It stunk like homeless crazy people...

    You do not want my life. Trust me.