Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cake Weekend

Princess Cake

This weekend I made 2 cakes. A Princess Cake for Aunt Bonnie and a Star Wars Cake for Neighbor Wife's Hubby.

5 and I went to Jane's Cakes to buy cake toppers. Which means, I drove and 5 spent a very long time choosing them.

Aunt Bonnie had never had a Princess Cake and told us she will keep the little cake topper in her office forever.

Neighbor Wife's Hubby loved the Star Wars Cake. Darth Vader and Luke come off the base and their light sabers really light up.

My little cakes are far from perfect.
I have much to learn.
But both cakes were made for adults who, for a brief moment, became children again.
Seeing that moment was magical.

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