Friday, June 24, 2011

Girl's Night at Casa Bianca

Last night I met 4 of my girlfriends at a little restaurant called Casa Bianca. It's located in Eagle Rock and there's always a line to get in because it's just that good. Rachel has been going there for years so we let her order.
She went family style.

The best Antipasto I've ever had.


And look at this pizza pie.
Thin crust (my favorite) half pepperoni, half sausage and garlic served piping hot.

I haven't seen some of these gals for years. Yet, no time seemed to have past. It was the perfect place to let our hair down, reminisce and laugh until the tears rolled down. A 3 hour dinner that went by much too fast.

P.S. Casa Bianca won't seat you until your group is all there, they'll hold your table for 20 minutes and forget the credit cards, it's cash only.


  1. I'm drooling. And not for the usual reasons.