Monday, August 1, 2011

Princess Cake Pops and Rainbows

35 Princess Cake Pops + 10 Superhero Cake Pops = Success

Ballerina Girl had her Birthday Party yesterday and Neighbor Wife asked me to help with the cake pops. I got a ton of tulle and ribbon and we had a little Fashion Cake Pop party.

I've watched too much Paris Fashion Week. The dresses kept getting bigger and bigger.

It was fun doing girly stuff. It was, however, a little weird when they started eating the heads. I had to look away.

Then, in the middle of the party this beautiful rainbow cloud appeared. I was told it's a Sun Dog. The only thing missing was a unicorn.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. A sun dog! Perfect decoration for a princess party!

  2. I adore princess cake pops and rainbow parties.
    Think I need a sun dog for my forthcoming party too. See. Too much of Paris fashion week;-)