Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vacation - Day Two

We've been going to La Quinta Resort for years. It's a beautiful oasis just outside of Palm Springs. It was built in the 1920's and retains it's quaint and cozy feel. Frank Capra found inspiration here and eventually called it his home.

My kid woke up at 6am so we got dressed and walked to the cafe for coffee. It was already warm and beautiful.

This is where we sat and had coffee every morning.

Fountains are everywhere.

I bought a giant light weight black hat just to get into the movie star mood. It was like wearing an umbrella...but in a good way.

For dinner, we ate at Twenty 6. The chef came over to say hi and recommended a special salad he was making that night. It was delicious. And I did not eat French Skinny portions!

After dinner we went to Downtown La Quinta Park and watched Yogi Bear under the stars. It was fun, old timey and we loved it.

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