Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation - Day One

Summer Vacation.

We haven't had a real family vacation for a couple of years and 5 is starting (deep breath) Kindergarden next week. So we decided to go to the desert for a few days.
Preparing for trip:
  • Wash car
  • Clean house
  • Finish laundry
  • Pack
  • Get snacks
Now, since we are only driving for 2 and a half hours, my plan was to pick up 5 from summer camp when it was over and go. Hubby wanted to pick him up 2 hours early. I grudgingly went along with his plan. What we didn't know was, right before we picked 5 up, he was on the playground spinning in circles.
4 miles into the trip he threw up all over the car. For the first time ever, my kid was car sick. We had to turn around, go home and clean everything. (This was an unexpected hour delay) If we had just gone with my plan.......

Back on the road and we are in good spirits again. 5 asks Hubby to tell him a story. Hubby hesitates for only a brief second, before launching into a story about a singing Irish elf who lives in a magical forest. The elf has a stinky dog named Toots. He tells the story in an Irish accent. (In 14 years I've never heard him speak with an Irish accent or sing. What's happening?)

We arrive at our location: It's 112 degrees. Time for the pool. We swam for 3 hours.

Dinner was a wedge salad.

Tomorrow's plan: New friends, a big hat and Yogi Bear.


  1. Damn, Karen--what a rough start that was. I hope you had fun anyway.



  2. At least it happened only four miles from home - poor 5, poor you and your husband!

    Stay cool and have a great time....wedge salad - one of my favorites!