Monday, September 26, 2011

Green Tea

In my pink pot.

I come from a long line of coffee drinkers. Growing up, my Dad would start the coffee pot at 6:00 in the morning and it was full all day. He would start with regular and switch to decaf at noon. At my wedding reception I saw my Dad in the parking lot standing by his car. I walked over in my giant white dress and asked him if anything was wrong. He laughed and said "Oh no, I just wanted some coffee and I brought my thermos. I'm also checking to see how the Dodger's are doing." In case you are wondering, yes, there was coffee served at our wedding.

So when I say I love coffee I mean it. I could drink it all day. Except for the fact that I've been sleepwalking for the last few weeks. Hubby said I've been sleepwalking a lot. One night I tried to get out the back door. Luckily we have 3 locks on that door as I only got 2 open and then gave up. One night I told him I was going to get a game ready for 5. Then Saturday night I walked into a doorframe and bruised or broke my pinky toe. I have no memory of most of these. I did wake up after the pinky toe situation.

So I am going to give up coffee for 6 weeks and see if my nightly antics subside. I've heard all the wonderful things green tea has to offer. (Wonderful things green tea has to offer)   Here's the teensy tiny problem. I don't love the taste of it. So I'm going to use stevia with it to give it a little sweetener. I have a stevia plant in my herb garden. This seems like a grey area to me. It's natural but is it good for you?

Happy Monday


  1. I gave up coffee after being diagnosed with an irregular heart problem (atrial fibrillation). My husband kindly gave it up too and now we have tea every morning - black, white or green depending on our mood.
    There are lots of flavored green teas out there to choose from. From what I understand, stevia is harmless. I use Truvia (packets of granulated stevia) to sweeten my teas. I've never tried using fresh leaves. I would be interested to hear how you like the leaves.

    Good luck - I hope your sleepwalking stops - that sounds scary!
    xo, A

  2. Adrienne, I'm so glad you said you love Truvia! I'll let you know about the leaves tomorrow.

    Bon Nuit:)

  3. Boy, can I relate. I've been trying to drink a cup of green tea a day, but I'm a coffee girl. My dad's whole side of the family (southerners) had a coffee pot on the stove the entire day. My Uncle's life was actually saved during WWII due to his love of java. Another soldier spelled him from watch so he could go in and get a cup of coffee. While he was inside pouring a cup, the other soldier was shot and killed.

    Good luck with the tea, Karen. Sorry you broke your toe.