Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rustic French Tomato Tart - Success!

 I did a little research for my tomato tart and found David Lebovitz's blog Living The Sweet Life In Paris .  I followed the recipe with just a few changes. One, I wasn't convinced that the crust would be crispy so I baked it for about 10 minutes before putting the mustard and topping on. Two, I didn't have big tomatoes so I used cherry tomatoes. I just cut them in half and poured them in.

I told Hubby about my experiment before I made it and he wanted NOTHING to do with it. I heard a cacophony of "Yuck, that sounds Ick!" (Sigh)
Luckily I have a Neighbor Wife who loves tomatoes.

When it was done, I tried it to make sure it was good. It was very, very good. This piece was for my Neighbor Wife. I snuck it over to her while she was decorating her front yard for Halloween. That's right, Halloween! She's a little on the enthusiastic side of this holiday. There are 5 phases to the decorating. Anyway, I wasn't expecting to be outside, obviously, since I was wearing Hubby's boxer shorts that say "DAD" on them and a wife beater shirt with a visible Not Sexy Bra!  (So NOT French Sexy!)

Suddenly I'm feeding not just Neighbor Wife, but Jessie, her son, her Hubby and Karen from down the street. This stuff is moving! By the time I come back in, Hubby tells me he tried it and loves it. It even smells good, he said. There's only 2 pieces left and I'm confident they will be gone by tomorrow.

I will make this again. I will use more goat cheese, more tomatoes and more honey.


Happy Thursday!

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  1. God, that looks fantastic. I love tomatoes, too. With my diet, they are probably the only thing that's saved me from stomach cancer. I don't like salads much.

    Love you.