Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Stevia from my garden

This morning I cut some fresh Stevia from my garden. I brewed it with my green tea and it was .....interesting. It had a little bit of sweetness with an earthy quality and a bit of an aftertaste. 
I talked with my sister, Tammy, yesterday who drinks green tea every day. She had the green tea journey a long time ago.  She has found a special blend that is her favorite. It is loose tea that comes in a canister. It just has a number. Something like 913. Next time I see her she's going to share some leaves. 
I'm going to take Adrienne's advice and use Truvia for now. 

P.S. No sleepwalking last night! Poor Hubby's on high alert. It kind of freaks him out when I sleepwalk. 

Happy Tuesday


  1. Fresh stevia from your garden - how charmig;-)
    Off to draw water for my green tea;-)

  2. Might it be this tea? http://www.tenren.com/kingreen3rdg.html

  3. Thank Fashion, Art and other fancies:)

    Rachel, I bet that is the tea. I'll ask my sister when I talk to her. Thanks!