Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To Make Wild Rice Taste Good

Who needs the Farmer's Market when there's a Grandma Dee in my life?! I brought all this home from her garden on Sunday. 3 different kinds of tomatoes, those mystery chili peppers, gorgeous onions, basil flowers, and mint.

Just look at those onions! Now, what to do with it?

I bought this bag of Wild Rice on impulse one day. I had never had it and it looked really healthy.

You have to wash and drain the rice before you cook it. I decided to cook it with chicken stock instead of water to give it extra flavor.

At the very end I added frozen peas and corn. I tasted it. Hmmmm. It needed something else. 

Meanwhile I had been cooking some of Grandma Dee's tomatoes, onions and basil flowers with a little olive oil and garlic.

I added some of that on top. Mmmm much better. It still needed something else.
But what?

And then I remembered that the French throw an egg on almost anything. So that's what I did. The final  touch was some of the chili pepper flakes from Grandma Dee's mystery chili peppers.

This will be my new lunch for the next few days.

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