Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The House That Snot Built

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris, France:

So to give you an idea of my level of laziness slash it's-not-my-fault-I'm-unmotivated, I give you this image. Now you can see why (at least for the last week) I don't get my butt off the couch more often and write blog posts.

This is just an hour's worth of work. I am very busy trying to rub away all the skin on and around my nose. Went through an entire Kleenex box in one day. I told you - bubonic plague. (PS - I never get sick so I don't know how to do it without whining. PPS - Maybe I'm a dude.)

I know this is a blog about yummy food and fancy French fashions and whatnot so I'm probably being very inappropriate but I DON'T CARE. If I have to suffer, so shall you. (I am a giver. I like to share. You're welcome.)

In related news, my birthday is on Friday and you're all welcome to send me people who will massage the bowling ball sized knots that have formed in my back and neck. I thank you in advance.

Now where does SexySultry keep that honey stash?!

*My gift wish list also includes a unicorn, anything sparkly, a new nose and an iPad2.

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  1. aww-so sorry you are sick...seriously that sucks...i hope you feel better and you,....inappropriate....N-E-V-E-R and sometimes being sick is good for a few lost pounds-non! here's hoping you are feeling better by your birthday and that BEAUTIFUL unicorn you hoping for is there to celebrate the day with you!

  2. Oh No Shaboomy! The plague has hit France as well. Poor baby. We have all had it over here and the flu. Feel better. I'm working on sending you a cutie to work out those knots!