Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shaboom's Quinoa Recipe

I asked Shaboom for her famous Quinoa Recipe. (Okay I begged.) This recipe has been known to make men fall in love, propose marriage and do any bidding you deem necessary so be very very careful who you make it for.

Shaboom's Quinoa Recipe:

i don't really do recipes
but i can try to tell you how i make it
good luck

1. make current boyfriend/potential-fiancé/lover du jour go BUY the ingredients while i lounge in bed and drink coffee
2. yell at him for not taking out the trash once he gets home (if he's just a lover du jour he is exempt)
3. get dressed (haha, no. not really. unless there's bacon involved. then it's mandatory.)
4. look at directions on quinoa box (to understand the water to grain ratio) but then i don't really follow them. i was never good at following directions. (beat of own drummer)
5. start chopping whatever vegetables i remember to put on list for man slave to buy. usually it's 2 zucchini, 3 peppers (one of each color,) a crap-load of onions and garlic (1kg?) and as much bacon as i can get away with (500g - 1kg)
6. get out giant wok or huge soup pot, what ever's available. start with a few tablespoons of salted butter (like half a stick.)
7. when pan is hot, add butter. when butter is melted, add onions and garlic.
8. when onions and garlic are transparent, add BACON! and seasoning. i usually put in herbs de provence, salt, pepper, piment d'espelette. but sometimes i do saffron, S&P and fresh parsley.
PS - if you're anti-BACON or muslim or jewish or whatever religions that are opposed to YUM, you can use sliced beef or chicken breast or whatever else floats your boat... like tofu *GAG ME.
9. when bacon is cooked through but not crispy, add peppers and zucchini. (can add eggplant, mushrooms *barf, corn, okra, or whatever tickles your fancy.)
10. when all veggies are soft and cooked-looking, add some broth (chicken, beef, pork, veggie, doesn't matter) and the quinoa. (i think the quinoa i get is 500g but maybe 1kg, i don't know. i play it by ear, sister. i think for 500g i add 3 cups of broth but not really sure... i just feel it out.)
11. as the quinoa absorbs the flavors of the BACON! and other non-important crap, it also absorbs the water. quinoa usually only needs 10 minutes to not taste like raw macaroni so if you're low on liquid, just add more.
12. when ready to serve, you can add grated cheese and tomatoes if you're feeling gluttonous. salsa, sour cream, olives and avocado if you're in a mexican mood. olé!
13.invite at least a dozen of people over because that is enough yumminess to last for a week if you have to eat it alone. it could last all year if you're doing french skinny portions.

This recipe can also be used with bulgar or rice or pasta or polenta or couscous...
I've tried quinoa, bulgar and pasta. Polenta and couscous are not yet appreciated in this house. Maybe someday...
BTW - I've only ever made white quinoa in Europe but it was always red in the US.

let me know if you like it.

love you!


I believe bacon and butter are universal aphrodisiacs.

Thanks Shaboomy!


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