Sunday, December 18, 2011

Joyeux Dimanche - Le Bon Marché

Shaboom sends us her post from Paris, France:

It's chaos all over Paris. That's right, it's Christmas shopping season and this is the final weekend for last-minute shoppers. I personally hate crowds and usually get most of my shopping done before September (no, I'm not neurotic... or a control freak. I swear! I leave that to Karen.)

As I'm traveling to Scandinavia for the holidays, I have to go buy a few semi-fresh French specialties before I go(for which I had to wait until the last minute,) so I am forced into the craziness. Wish me luck as I battle the sardine-can crowds on the Metro and the intense beret-wearing, baguette-wielding, brutal fight-you-till-death little old ladies at
Le Bon Marché! (PS - I almost got arrested once for trying to take photos inside this joint. No photography allowed. PPS - This is where all the nuns shop and I'm a little obsessed with catching them in their "natural habitat." PPPS - I don't know if the nuns have any relation to why I'm not allowed to take pictures in there.)

I wish internet shopping was easier in this country and that international shipping didn't break the bank!

Joyeux Dimanche!

*all images borrowed from the internet

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