Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Case of Emergency: Whipped Cream

5 and I are home from our week at Grandma Dee's house.

I hit the ground running yesterday with 2 appointments and book club. We read Tina Fey's Bossypants for the book club. I loved it. Smacksy hosted it at her house and everything was gorgeous and perfect. Her husband and little boy came home before we were finished and this is what happened. "Spies"

This morning I woke up and the cupboards were bare. I couldn't quite get it together to go to the store at 6:30 AM for supplies so I decided to pretend we were camping and "make do".

For breakfast, I managed to find a single frozen Trader Joe's waffle for 5.
I found a random can of whipped cream in the door of the fridge so I dressed up the waffle a little and then used it in my coffee. Talk about roughing it!
This happened once before and I believe it was Mrs. Moon who commented that sometimes we have to settle for the best.

I read this post by Sarcastic Bastard this morning and it made me laugh for 10 minutes. SB curses just a little. I love an honest rant.

Then I went over to The Rich Life (on a budget) and was inspired to make lavender bath salts.

Happy Camping.


  1. Thanks for the nod, Karen. I appreciate it and am so glad I made you laugh.

    Much love,


  2. i absolutely LOVE your blog. im obsesssed with eating healthy, and i want to try all your recipes. thanks for finding my blog because now i can stalk yours! lol

  3. Hi there! Thank you for the mention. Sorry to be so late in responding....busy day.

    Part of me is envious that your kitchen is bare. I always strive to use up as much as possible before going to the market, but it seems I can never get down to bare shelves. Tonight, I discovered a bundle of asparagus and three ears of corn I forgot about. I cooked them up for dinner tonight. Forgetting about food you have is a sign that you have too much food!

    Happy almost Friday! xo, A

  4. Canned whipped cream, Karen? I will cut you!! ;o)

  5. Thanks Adrienne! Got to the store yesterday so we are back in business. I'm always trying to plan out meals.........sometimes it works. I hate wasting food!

  6. Shaboom is on to your camping tricks... Look out!