Thursday, July 28, 2011

La Vie En Rose Restaurant- Brea, California

Photos are from La Vie En Rose site.

We had a fun spa day that ended at a restaurant in Brea called La Vie En Rose.
I had Escargots Bourguignone (Snails Baked in Garlic Butter and Parsley) and then a divine Lobster Bisque served under a pastry shell. The rolls were baked fresh and served with butter. Of course! For dessert, we all shared a warm chocolate soufflé. When we left, I was able to practice my terrible French and the French hostess was very gracious. It was a wonderful, wonderful day.

Nectarines and toast

Before we went to spa day, Rosalie, my sister-in-law, served this to me for breakfast. I love her pretty plates.

Back at Grandma Dee's house, the hummingbirds were in full force. Seriously, twice as many as last year.

I felt very French that day!


  1. I love hummingbirds. They fascinate me.

  2. That food and that French restaurant is enough to make me want to jump on the I-5 and drive to Brea! It's only about 7 hours.

    What a fun, fun day!