Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Camp Was Making Me Fat

Now that 5 is going to Summer Camp my life has become more sedentary. I drive him there, come home, write, drive back, pick him up and drive home. We felt swim class is important so I drive him to swim class and sit on my butt while he exercises. All of a sudden I noticed my pants were getting tight. I also didn't feel very good. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my fists clenched. Too much sitting makes me stressed? Weird.

This is a mommy's life in Southern California. Things are very spread out.

Last year I had it all worked out. I just hung out and did what he did. Run around the block, walk to the park, chase each other, play ball? Yes! Picking up a 40 pound kid 30 times a day, making sure my core is strong, adds up. He's the best trainer I've ever had!

But things have changed and so must I.

There's always a solution.
Now, I drive him to summer camp, walk to the grocery store, walk home, do some writing and walk back to pick him up.
This adds up to a minimum of 5 miles a day.

I have also changed one other little thing. Instead of picking up things by bending over with my back (which was really hurting) I do a squat. I call them Lego squats. I must do 100 Lego squats a day.

My legs feel awesome and my pants are happy again.


  1. Some good ideas for incorporating exercise into your day without too much sacrifice, Karen.

    Thanks. I can always use those sorts of ideas. I hate to exercise.