Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bon Appétit: The Food Lover's Cleanse

Green juice is good to get the cleanse started (ahem) but  I think I'm moving on to  Bon Appetite The Food Lovers Cleanse. Pears with goat cheese and honey and salted, seedy chocolate bark are just a few gorgeous recipes.


Keeping it simple and easy this year for me means, breakfast can be sharing an orange with 6. I savored every small crescent of the juicy orange while we played a card game he made up. (The rules are always very complicated and somehow he always wins.)

Coffee and oranges in the morning remind me of Milano, Italy. I lived there for two years and often had this for breakfast with the Italian momma I was staying with. It's strange how a few scents put together will bring a long forgotten memory straight into the dining room.

Maybe one day, when my little boy is all grown up,  he'll share coffee and oranges for breakfast with someone. And maybe he'll remember this morning.  Playing a very complicated card game with his momma and somehow always winning.


One good thing every day for a year: (I have to catch up on a few days)

A spontaneous game of charades performed by 6. Hubby and I had to guess what he was doing. Example: An interpretive dance of a booger coming out of a little baby's nose. The first one to get 10 points wins the game. I was on a 6 year old mind meld for half the game but Hubby had a comeback and won by one point. 

Coffee served in bed.

Watching 6 sink a putt on the golf course. 

Snuggling for an hour.

Listening to the rain, eating oranges and drinking coffee for breakfast. 


  1. simply beautiful....the feel of this post has such a sweet tempo-the flow was so.... orange and coffee....

  2. Awwww thank you Lisa and g:) Hope your day is wonderful.


  3. Sounds like a lovely morning spent with your little one. And THANK YOU for cling me in on the Bon Appetit cleanse!!! It looks delicious and like it would be a pleasure to follow. Finally a cleanse that would be a joy ;-)