Friday, January 11, 2013

Juicing Tantrum

Today I'm attending a class on juicing.

How I feel about it:  Tre not excited.

How did this happen: My friend was in the hospital for the 5th time because she has tummy issues. I told her she has to start juicing. (I have never juiced, so clearly I was channelling a well meaning spirit) My friend said, "Okay, great, what a coincidence because our other friend is teaching a class on it and can you come with me and support the new healthy lifestyle you talked me into?" I said "Absolutely NOT!  That sounds horrible!" "Of course I will, because I am a super awesome friend!"

We meet at 8:30am:  My outside self is smiling and saying adult things like "This is so great! I can't wait to learn! Mmmm kale!" My inside is screaming like a 4 year old being dragged by their mom into the fabric store. "Noooooooo I don't care about Butterick patterns and jersey knits and everything smells wierd!"

But I'm an adult, so I'm polite.

Our friend who's teaching the class has been studying macrobiotics and yoga for 12 years. She's incredibly knowledgable and has devoted her life to this. So I sat politely for awhile and then realize I'm transfixed for 2 hours devouring information about food that I had never heard of but made perfect sense. When she threw out things like "Daikon Radish can eliminate cellulite and get your metabolism going." I was suddenly INCREDIBLY interested!

So I bought some organic veggies (Daikon was one of them!) and made a plan. 

Now, I'm 2 days off the best pork chop I've ever had and I have no interest in doing a juice fast but I love my friend so in solidarity to her I said I would try and blend some kale in a blender and strain it through cheesecloth every morning for 10 days. (This sounded TOTALLY rational this morning after drinking the kale koolaid) Then, Monday through Friday next week I would accompany her to the Juice Bar place and get another green concoction for lunch. Dinner would have to be with my guys and they don't even know I'm doing this juice thing. Oy!

My friend and I came back to my house after our total epiphany juice cleanse class and she proceeded to pull out a box of the most delicious chocolate with salt I've ever had in my entire life!

Then Hubby wanted to make me nachos for dinner. I said no thank you Darling, I don't require any kryptonite this evening.   He made this instead.

A grilled giant chili stuffed with queso fresco cheese, habanero chilies, wrapped in bacon, with a side of salsa and 2 chips.

As I'm freaking out about the fact that my whole French Skinny plan has been taken over by juicing and bacon, I realize this is what it's all about.


Trying new things.

 Going with the flow.

Juicing for breakfast, chocolate for lunch and bacon for dinner.

This, my friends, is balance. 


One good thing a day for a year- Kale, bacon and chocolate!


  1. Oh, but that chocolate. Can I juice that?

  2. Yes. I have no problem with a chocolate cleanse. I'm all over it!

  3. Shaboomy, do they do the juice thing in France?

  4. read this in real time-didn't comment-wanted to-simply said.... i do not juice-want to -really want to -but am unable to get it down-unless you know...i has fruit silken tofu -yogart well you get the idea but i really want to like/do it...really i do!

  5. I totally get you g. Hence, my juicing tantrum.


  6. I just saw this! NO THEY DO NOT JUICE IN PARIS. Not really. They'll drink fresh squeezed juice, but no Robeks or Jamba Juice or the like. I have never juiced before but I'm interested to hear how this turns out for you, Karen. But don't forget it's very un-FSE of you! ;o)