Monday, January 21, 2013

Passion Fruit Jam

Homemade Passionfruit Jam 
from my friend, Jennifer.

My friend, Jennifer, made this for me for Christmas. Passionfruit Jam tastes like all the wonderful things I love about Hawaii. I don't even put it on bread, I just eat it out of the jar. I'm very stingy with my passionfruit jam.  I let the guys know I double dip so they won't eat any. 

I take a bite and I'm immediately transported to Hawaii, my favorite place on the planet...
The air smells sweet, I can hear the ocean, and I'm sipping my first cup of Kona coffee. My shoulders relax and I think about all the snorkeling I'm going to do later.  

The last time I was in Maui was fourteen years ago, for my friends wedding. I want to go this year.   I'm going to go this year. I am! I want to wake up at four o clock in the morning and take the guys to Haleakala (a volcano that means House Of The Sun) to watch the sun come up. Then drive slowly down to see the glorious island with it's white puffy clouds and farmland that looks like the most beautiful quilt you've ever seen. 

Thank you, sweet friend, for my inspiration. Delicious jam that transforms a moment of my day into the sweetest of dreams. 


Green juice update: Shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I haven't had any this weekend. I'll probably  absolutely have some for the next 4 days. Then I'm taking a little break. 

I've had my lazy French Onion Soup,  grilled seafood, and a couple of spoonfuls of passionfruit jam this weekend. Always French Skinny portions. 
My tummy is definitely used to the FS portions. If I have more than the FS portions, I get a tummy ache. 

I haven't made the avocado in foil.  I skipped breakfast yesterday and cleaned out my closet. It was like Vegas, I entered at six thirty in the morning and come out at dinnertime. Four bags of clothes, purses and shoes to donate. Closet cleaned! Done! 

One good thing a day for a year:

6 told me he was so glad I'm doing my blog again  because it makes me happy. 

And, of course, a whole jar of passionfruit jam all to myself. 



  1. karen i adored this post - like 6 i am so happy-i look forward to reading- i spent some time in hawaii a while ago- my brother went to college there and i helped him get settled-one of my few regrets is that i did not stay out there in the condo he was renting(college housing shortages)and finish my masters-came home to my long term boyfriend (10 yrs)only to break up 2 months later.... as the plane was banking over diamond head i knew i should have stayed-finished my degree here in pa-i guess everything happens for a reason-i loved it there same thing- huge coffee on the lenai beach by 10- that is where i perfected my boogie boarding-home for some very light dinner with my brother and watched the beautiful pink blue navy orange sunsets-it was so great-gosh i forgot how much i loved it there-what a nice thought for this very cold temps dropping possible snow coming night-thanks for stirring the thoughts-sorry this is so long-

  2. g! I love your story and went through a similar breakup before I found Hubby.

    I think you deserve a little vacation after the snow:)

    Never worry that your comments are too long. I love reading them. It's what this is all about! Here's too sweet thoughts. xoxo Karen