Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weigh In Week 16 - The Day R2D2 Went To The Dark Side

Karen - Day 112 - Burbank, CA

Weigh In: Week 16

Goal: Lose 35 pounds in 6 months the French Skinny Way.
Lost 1 pound this week.
Total lost so far: 14.5 pounds

Our day started out with a beautiful breakfast at De Bell Clubhouse.
It's very pretty, the people are nice and they don't mind a rambunctious 4 year old.
I had ham and eggs. Ate about half and took the rest home.

Then 4 and I were off to Jack Knapp's birthday party,
If you haven't met Jack's mom,, then you should go right now. She just dropped a bombshell yesterday.

This is the beautiful cake she made for Jack.
Take a good look. By the end of the party R2D2 will have gone to the dark side and I will have realized that I'm "one of those" people.
It's not pretty, people.

Everything was perfect.

The decorations.

The house.

The food.

4's creation. (Eaten before we left because they were delicious.)

I was enjoying a little tiny diet coke (first one since I started this), chatting with Smacksy. Bob, Jack and my kid were playing with balloons.
Suddenly there was a noise in the kitchen. There may have been a scream. That's the way I remember it. We rushed in.

R2D2 had slid off the plate and gone to the dark side.

Jack's Mom joined him on the floor in solidarity.

Once she was up and on her feet again she was saying "Keep Jack out of here until I fix this!"
I blurt out "Didn't you use dowels?"
She shakes her head no. I nod my head knowingly.

(When I was doing research for my planet cake I found out that if you're making an intricate cake you have to use dowels to secure them or they might.....well do this.)

I don't know what kind of crazy battle went on but the carnage is still on the wall.
She puts the candle on what was left.
Luckily Jack Knapp had no idea what had happened and cheerfully blew out the candle.

When we came home I showed Hubby the pictures of what happened.

Hubby:"You didn't start talking about dowels did you?"

Me: "Well....yes."

Hubby shakes his head and walks away.

Then it dawns on me.

(Gasp) I'm one of those people.
How could I have started talking about dowels at a time like that? What a horrible person I am! I send an email (and copies of the pictures) to Jack's Mom apologizing for being "one of those people."
I have no excuse. I'm just terrible.

Later I had baby carrots and some peanut butter.
This has no effect on the shame cloud.

Homemade chicken soup with half a freshly baked roll and real butter for dinner.
I know it's cliche but it did make me feel better.

Organic popcorn with a little butter while watching TV.
I'm pretty much over it now.

I believe she has forgiven me.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.


  1. Poor R2, such carnage.
    (Some folks call those "dowels" light sabers.)

  2. Well actually French Skinny, the frosting on the wall is because R2 had smashed into the wall on his way down the first time. The neighbor and I picked him up, used long plastic hard straws(dowels) and secured him back in place. A half hour later, the dowels served as a rocket that catapaulted R2 off the counter to the floor. Scream, scream and then on the floor laughter. Good thing this was a boys cake. A 3 year old girl would have noticed the short odd look or R2 and had a fit. It was a fun party and as someone noted, one can eat off Marija's floor. :) Love your post. Jack's Nana

  3. Jack's Nana, all I have to say is that you are amazing and I had no idea it went down like that.
    You rock.