Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mechanical Rainbow

Karen - Day 111 - Burbank

"The Mechanical Rainbow"
(Dot paints on photo paper because Supermom ran out of regular paper)

So apparently I'm not very good at math. After tomorrow's weigh in I only have 11 more weeks of this experiment not 14. My hands and feet start tingling. If I had to stop today what would I have gotten out of this?

1. I can eat bread.

2. I ate more than I thought I did.

3. I probably won't walk miles and miles in 6 inch heels like my friend in France.

4. Indoor cardio is more fun than outdoor cardio. (If you know what I mean.)

5. I never, ever, ever want to spend 4 hours a day away from my family walking and doing stairs.

6. I can eat bread. (Deserves repeating)

7. Big walks and day trips with Hubby and 4 are some of the happiest times of my day.

8. I can eat cheese.

9. Blogging is fun.

10. Slow down and pay attention to my life.

Today I made crepes for everyone.

Today I played trains.

Today I made Croque Monsieur for lunch.

Today I laughed with a friend.

Today I missed my dad.

Today I tickled my kid just to hear him giggle.

Today I made roasted chicken with mashed potatoes for dinner.

Today I flirted with Hubby.

Today I listened to my 4 year old say his prayers.

Today I paid attention.


  1. this post is simply BEAUTIFUL...i have a lump in my throat....i am already having SEVERE separation anxiety at the thought of no more FSE posts....truly it shall be like days without sunshine!! i'll just have to hunker down and enjoy that which remains, TODAY IN THE PRESENT. Karen, thank you for ALL the sharing- the ups, downs, beauty and frustrations. I have enjoyed the presence of this experiment in my daily life---TRULY i have.

  2. Awww g thank you for that. I will miss it and you and everyone who I've met during this whole time. But, being a cryer, I can't think about that right now. There are still 11 more weigh in days.
    Go Team!


  3. That is a recipe for a good diet and a good life.

  4. ditto what Lisa Page Rosenberg said :)

  5. This is hands down, my favorite post!

  6. Beautiful, esp. the flirting with the husband part.

  7. Sounds like you have learned a lot over this experiment. I hope you continue with your quest because I enjoy reading about it.

  8. Dear Karen
    To your brother, the SGT. MAJOR, and ALL his family i want to thank all of you and wish him a very happy Marine Corp birthday. We do celebrate it in our house, a tradition my mom started for my dad...master gunny retired.
    SEMPER FI and thank you!! Georgeanne

  9. Thank you so much Georgeanne! And a giant Thank You to your Dad!
    SEMPER FI!!!