Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Shoes

Karen - Day 110 - Burbank

When I woke up this morning I had no idea I would enter a world I've never really understood before. Shoe envy.

The day started off nice enough with a breakfast picnic.

Then 4 and I walked to the store and brought some sushi home.
There's a lovely sushi stand at the store I shop.

For dinner, Hubby grilled some fresh veggies. We're enjoying some French bread and cheese with that when the phone rings.

Shaboom's on her way over. She has to show me her new shoes.
I chuckle a little because although I enjoy a nice shoe or boot I've never really had "Shoe Fever".
And then she shows up.
With these.

Now I know in my Mommy life there is no need for these. I have 2 pair of running shoes that serve me well. But aren't they beautiful? I really really love them. I quickly do the pair of these are a few mortgage payments. If I cut out all luxuries like eating and get a second job I could buy these in ......

"Mommy, are you okay? You look funny."
"I'm trying to figure out how to get these pretty shoes."

Then I imagine walking to the store in these. Possibly stepping in a mud puddle or 4 spilling milk or juice on them. I get sad for my new pretend shoes. I put the calculator back in the junk drawer. Take a deep breath. Watch Shaboom put the shoes back in their own little bag and say goodbye.

This was a tough day.


  1. Dear Karen- love the post today....i am a shoe freak...but i am single, no tuition, mortgage, child care i think this might have something to do with my disposable income aloted for such stuff...sometimes the care/maintainance for my "stuff" gets on my nerves and then the big purge -only to start all over again...funny i was obsessing over the shoes you posted about- the beige platforms that you walked in for the FSE and they gave you blisters! I WANTED THEM!! the color, style- right in my "wheelhouse"; alas i thought it would be weird to ask...thats how it is sometimes -the "wanting" is better than the actual having them. are the ones shaboom purchased louboutins? how i long for the red soles myself....SOMEDAY!!!

  2. g you are hilarious! I should have posted where i got those shoes. Never even though about it. But I totally get it now that I have entered the world of shoe fever! They are from Anthropologie. It was one of those impulse buys but i do love them and they are comfy enough to wear around town.
    Shaboom's shoes are Louboutins! I think....Shaboom will have to confirm.
    You are so right about the wanting being better than the having.



  3. I remember shoes... with heels... sort of. They were pretty weren't they? Weren't they?

  4. k-- YOU ARE TOO FUNNY....thanks for the info
    love love and love anthropologoie and sometimes impluse purchases are good, real good. have a wonderful sunday with 4 and hubby and doggie of course. hope you don't mind a comment on a comment. g

  5. I love shoes...I used to have quite the collection...I still wear them for work, but I have not bought a really nice pair in SO VERY LONG...nor have I had a pedicure or manicure...I do those myself now. One day...

  6. My shoes used to take over everything. I love them. Very much. Now...I live in great flip flops and good running shoes. I still hoard a few pair of pretty shoes. Mostly my daughters stole all my lovely ones.

    So jealous that you have a place to get sushi. I live in BFE now and if I asked for sushi here I would get a blank stare. No starbucks either. sigh.

  7. Let me know if you're ever in Burbank. We're going for sushi!

  8. And imagine wearing those suckers while scaling the playground. I mean, it's like Guaranteed Death. So! You don't need those!

    (While in New York a couple of weeks ago, I wore spike heels for the first time in years. I made it all the way down the hotel hallway, down the elevator to the lobby, and to the front door before returning to the room for More Sensible Shoes. I almost shot myself while there, too, but came to my senses when I realized that would make me miss a slice of wedding cake. I miss wedding cake for no reason. NOT EVEN DEATH.)