Thursday, November 4, 2010

Everything a Man Needs

Karen - Day 109 - Burbank, CA

"Mom! Mom! The guys are here to give us a new driveway!"

"That's great honey."

"Mom! Look at that truck! A fork lift, jackhammer, giant truck, it's everything a man needs."


Off to do some errands.
Then lunch.
4 and I go to a little tiny restaurant called Cafe Verona.
I love this place. We call it our secret garden.

I have the Filetto Al Carpaccio.

I can only eat about half of it.

Back home, Hubby's making more BBQ for dinner.
It's a meat lovers paradise today.
And to think I was a vegan not too many years ago.
But that is a story for another day.

I'm so excited to tell you that I won something! I love Little Blue Deer, and while I was visiting, there was a drawing for some beautiful earrings from Folksy Chic. I don't know how I won, but I love them!


  1. happy that you won something that sounds so pretty/different and unique...LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! enjoy your new jewels-g

  2. Love the concept of the blog...too fun!
    I'm following and will be back!
    --Lee Ann

  3. Thanks Lee Ann! So glad I found your blog too!

  4. Love it all - the earrings, the carpaccio, and the new driveway! What more could a person want, really.