Thursday, November 18, 2010


Karen - Day 115 - Burbank

"We have to get ready to go, Buddy."

"Yeah, but Mom, I made up a new game called Planet Bingo. You roll the ball and if you hit a planet you win a tractor."

It's all about stalling today. Even with The French Skinny Experiment. I am not doing anything differently and I feel like I'm stalling. Or just waiting for the next inspiration to hit. It will. I know it. Unexpectedly and in the strangest of places. That's how it goes with me.

Just hang on. Because it will happen.

"Mom, can we read one story before bedtime?"
"Sure, Buddy."
"Okay Mom! I got a couple books for us to read!"

But maybe not tonight.


  1. Oh, too cute! Sometimes stalling is good, right? XX!

  2. great photos! I took some garden photos last night but yours put me to shame.
    and 4 is too cute!

  3. That is hysterical! God how I miss my kids being little...seriously considering having just one more...