Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Karen- Day 108 - The Little Cake I Didn't Know About

Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jimmy's birthdays are in the same week so we had a party for both of them.
I baked the birthday cake. I had just taken the cakes out of the oven when Hubby walks in.

Hubby: "Didn't you make an extra little cake?"
Me: "An extra cake? Why would I make an extra cake?"
Hubby: "My mom used to make me a little cake everytime she made a cake."
(In 13 years I've never heard this story.)
Me: "Well, that's because your mom is a saint and I suck."
(I'm not being sarcastic it's true.)

Cut to me whipping up a batch of cupcakes for 4......and Hubby. So I don't feel the brick wall of shame for forgetting to make the little tiny cake that is apparently a tradition even though this is the first time I've ever heard about it.

Presents are ready.
Cake is ready.
Off we go.

Their house is so pretty.
I love this bathroom.

Grandpa is such a good sport.

We all start making dinner.

Fresh everything.

Dinner is yummy and healthy.

The cake.

Aunt Bonnie: "Will you write 'Thank Mom, We Love You' instead of 'Happy Birthday'? Because, really, if it wasn't for my Mom none of us would be here together.

Isn't that cool?


  1. Awesome! What a happy day! Wanted to let you know that you won the vintage pearl earrings from Folksy Chic, email me your address and I will get them sent out to you! shari{at}littlebluedeer.com

  2. I'm so excited!!!! I can't believe I won...........Yay, I love those earrings:)


  3. ah, that's sweet. and.....the food.....ooooh, looked delish...

  4. that food looks amazing. love your reflection in the bathroom mirror. nice pants!

  5. The food looks absolutely delicious! The little cake story cracks me up...how many cakes have you made, without the "little cake"? You would think he would have brought this up before...lol.

  6. Cute blog and creative concept. The pics of food look so delicious! :) Paris in Pink