Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 172 From Burbank: The Closet

The Closet
Photo by Karen at French Skinny

I put on my lone scrunchie and head into.....the closet. Starting from the farthest end I try on clothes. My skinny jeans from long ago are loose. But they are from sooo long ago no one wears them anymore. I am merciless. Tossing old clothes and too big clothes in the pile. I start to sweat over a pair of pants I bought in New York and have never worn. They are brand new but 2 sizes too big. I call Smacksy:

"What do I do with these? They are brand new but too big."
"But what if....?"
"Are they worth altering?"
"No, but.."
"Are you ever going back?"
".....No, you're right."

If the clothes were old, worn out or too big I got rid of them.
I kept catching myself trying to hold on to things that were too big "just in case".
At the end, there were 2 Heafty bags full of clothes to donate.

Vive La French Skinny!


  1. I adore the wonderufl splash of colours in the image above. I gave some old clothes to charity recently too. It's always good to clear out one's wardrobe;-)

  2. i love this day!!!! need pics!!!!

  3. Oooohh... I've been waiting for this day!!! How much stuff did you have left?

    Who's taking you shopping? Do we get to see what you buy?


  4. Karen,
    Good for you! You're NOT going back, sister. Way to go!