Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joyeux Dimanche - Lula Mae

Photos by Karen at French Skinny

There's a magical little boutique I've just discovered in Pasadena called Lula Mae. 4 and I were walking by one day and decided to go in. As soon as the door opened I heard French music filling the air. I looked down at my little boy and he was already in love. With the owner, Marci Toombs.
Marci Toombs.

Julia Hughes, employee of the century.

I'm in love with the store. Everything in it is unique. I thought of you, Shaboomy, when I saw these owls.

Owl Soap. From France!

A little owl dish.

Thank You.

An owl coin purse.

Cheeky owl card.

Solar powered Sunny Outlook Owls.
(4 gave Grandma Dee one of these.)

The coolest Humpty Dumpty ever.

Silvery French Eiffel Tower thingys.

A piggy bank.

Easter fun.


Lotions and Potions.

Locally handmade candy.

The cutest baby stuff ever.

Lula Mae's has been open for 8 years. It's known as the store with a heart because Marci puts her heart and soul into it. There's everything from French soap to jewelry made by local artists. Stop by and see for yourself. I dare you not to love it.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Love the store. I'm glad it's not near me. I'd spend too much money there...

    Okay. I'm struggling with finding my FS. I've been on a roll for 3 weeks now, but this last week, I was feeling deprived. And I know that that is NOT what the FS is all about... I tried to pay attention to what I wanted to eat, but I still felt "nibbley." (Can't think of a better word.) Blagh!

    I ended up gaining .2 lbs this week. :(

  2. Lisa, I think you can!

    Karen, you're right, FS is never about depriving yourself. If you want it, eat it. Eat whatever you want. You might need more this week for some reason. Emotion, hormones.....who knows. Just remember it's not a diet it's a lifestyle. There's no time table. I'm betting by next week you'll be back to French Skinny portions. Choosing carefully and eating with passion!

  3. i have a gift card that i havent used from here from a yr ago. i will definitely go this week, i love the owl dish :) such a cute happy store

  4. the pics are really awesome :)

  5. What a cute shop. It would be hard to decide what to look at first.

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