Thursday, April 28, 2011


You know how you hear something over and over again but it doesn't really sink in until you hear it for the hundredth time? Embarrassingly, this happened to me a few days ago.

I was talking with my friend, Ava, and she told me a story about her visit to Paris.

She said, "You know in France they don't eat on the run, right? There's no grabbing a Starbucks and walking down the street drinking and eating. It's just not done."

I nodded like a bobble head.

"Here I was," she continued, "trying to not be an obvious American. Starving and getting on a bus in a few minutes, I hid a little croissant in my hand. I took a teeny tiny little bite, looked up and saw the most elegant 65 year old French woman walking towards me. She took one look at me, raised her eyebrows and said 'Bon Appetit'…… I was mortified."

I'm still smiling and bobble heading.

"Then we are on the bus, and all the Americans are asking the tour guide when we're going to eat. This goes on and on until she says "Look! This is France! We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. We don't troll malls for food!"

Here's the embarrassing part for me. I never put together sit down to eat and don't eat on the run. I know. A whole year doing this and it suddenly dawns on me. I talked to Shaboom about it and she said, "Karen, that's what I've been telling you forever."

I'm bobble heading long distance.

For the last few days I've given up eating on the run. I'm always on the run. I'm sure I lost more weight……I just don't have time to check.

Bon Appetit!


  1. so so true!!!It is definitely an american thing .The rushed life.Even though i was raised here in the U.S,we only ate 3 meals,hardly any sweets and fast food was out of the was 8 of us ,so we did n't even think about thinking of asking for

  2. Ooh... I bet that includes eating in the car.

  3. What a funny story about the bus. Of course all the Americans were asking when they were going to eat. We are a nation of fatties.

  4. The "bon appetit" thing happens ALL THE TIME. It's so snide and poo-pooey that I wanna smack them. But, that is their way. And those bitches are all skinny. Skinny bitches are allowed to be cranky, right?! Oh, wait. Now WE'RE skinny bitches too!!