Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now What?

Photo by Karen at French Skinny

When I dove into the world of blogging I had a very specific plan. (You know I love a plan.) Journal a six month experiment where I give up dieting, eat like my friend in France and try to find a little French fun in the suburbs of California.

I found so much more, the amazing people that have supported me. Your lives are absolutely fascinating, every single person has a story to tell.

Once I completely shed my diet mentality I found I have a passion for cooking.

I'm no longer afraid of bread, butter, cheese or chocolate. (Although chips and salsa will always scare me a little.)

And surprise, surprise, if I follow my 4 year old around all day I get more exercise than any Zumba class!

Now what? Do I retire the blog or keep going?

It's time to make a new plan.

It's called..........

"Choose Carefully And Eat With Passion."

Food, Fashion and Fun.

No more diets.
No more sacrifice.
Real food.
French Skinny Portions.
Lots of laughs.
And passion is a must!



  1. hooray!! I was hoping you'd continue it like this.

    I'm going to try to revive my blog in the summer - finishing up this MA is taking up too much time, and there's only so many times I can blog about the bowls of cereal and last-minute sushi takeout that dominates my menu right now. (lol)

    Till then, I'm just going to live vicariously through you, ok?

  2. Thank you Keri!

    thecommonsensualist you are hilarious! I can't wait until you get back to your blog!


  3. Thank you SB! You know I love ya!


  4. Gosh i cannot believe i have been here over a year and EVERYDAY you inspire me karen. thank you for the time and energy you have given this experiment...i am sure looking forward to phase 2 THE EXPERIENCE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look too!!!!-g

  5. I think you should contiue blogging - especially since it has helped you on your journey. xx

  6. Thank you so much G and FAF! I can't wait either. We are definitely continuing. There is so much more to explore. Fashion. Food......always the food:)


  7. So excited you aren't turning out the lights here!

    ps. I love the new look!